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  Bath and Tennis Club
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For HEBT HOA residents only

There are roles within the Association that only association members can perform.  These roles are:

HOA Board of Directors - There are currently 3 openings on the HEBT HOA Board of Directors.  Estimated commitment is 2 hours per month for Board meetings plus 1-2 hours per month additionally for other various responsibilities. Generally, Board members need to be involved with committee work prior to joining the Board unless they bring a unique skill set the Board is looking for. Responsibilities include

  • Attending monthly Board meetings either remotely or in person depending on the season.
  • Review and approval of contracts for work on behalf of the Association such as pool repairs, landscaping, and insurance. 
  • Potentially investigate various vendors for a specific project as assigned and report back to the Board with reports. 
  • Provide general oversight of the Association

Social Committee Chair - The social chair is responsible for coordinating social events at the pool and other various events throughout the year. A small budget is given to the chair for purchasing of supplies. There is generally a very open ended commitment where the Social Chair can organize events they are interested in but some suggested and historical events are given below. There is a desire for an event roughly every 3 months. Estimated commitment is 1-2 hours per month depending on the number of events coordinated. Suggested events:

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • National Night Out
  • Movie Night at the pool

Communications Committee- The Communications Committee is responsible for all communications that are sent on behalf of the Association or its programs.  Individuals responsible for this committee create content and post or email it out to members or potential members.  Estimated commitment is 2-3 hours per month. Responsibilities include

  • Soliciting information from various programs and other committees for inclusion in newsletters and the website
  • Creation of communications messages and content
  • Maintenance and accuracy of website information 
  • Understanding and use of the internal database email systems
  • Ownership of the Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media HEBT accounts

Welcome Committee Chair - The Welcome Committee is responsible for reaching out to new homeowners, welcoming them to the neighborhood and providing them a resource to reach out to in case of questions. Estimated commitment is 1-2 hours per month depending on the number of housing sales. Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate meetings of the Welcome Committee to discuss distribution of assignments
  • Maintain a Welcome Packet for new homeowners that contains all the essential information about the HOA and the pool
  • Reach out to new homeowners as needed through email or phone

Pond Captain - The Pond Captain helps maintain the cleanliness of the pond and the surrounding area.  As the pond is directly next to Naper Blvd, trash routinely collects around the water's edge and needs to be picked up. Estimated commitment is 10-15 minutes per week during the year and is a good task to do during regular walks. Responsibilities include:

  • Pick up trash and throw away
  • Coordinate with the Board for any large scale cleanup items

For any member

A variety of volunteer opportunities exist for any member to participate to help with the Association or its various programs.  

Tennis Coordinator - The current tennis coordinator who has held the role for 20+ years is looking to retire.  Being an active tennis player is a must for this role. Estimated commitment is 2-3 hours per week during the spring and summer months. Responsibilities include

  • Establishing an annual balanced budget for the tennis program (tennis teams and tennis lessons)
  • Interview and hire on behalf of the Association the tennis pros who conduct our tennis lessons
  • Prepare the tennis courts and suppliers for the year's programing in the spring
  • Communicate tennis lessons and team events to the tennis members through email communications
  • Coordinate with the Naperville Park District for court reservations for the year
  • Various other duties as needed to assist in keeping the tennis program running effectively

Pool Concessions Coordinator - This individual assists in keeping the concessions stocked at the pool during the open pool season.  The current set up is mostly online with next day delivery set up.  A few items are picked up directly from Mariano's. Estimated commitment is 30 minutes per week during the summer months. Responsibilities include:

  • Communicate with pool lifeguards on necessary inventory
  • Put in orders into the ordering website and get next day delivery
  • Ensure inventory is tracked during the summer
  • Ensure a profitable concession stand for the summer by continually evaluating pricing through the year

Water Polo Team Committee Chair - This individual coordinates with water polo families and coaches on the water polo program.  Estimated commitment is 5-6 hours per week during the water polo season with most of that time coming during water polo competitions. 4-5 hours per month in the spring preparing for the water polo season, Responsibilities include:

  • Establishing an annual balanced budget for the water polo program
  • Interview and hire on behalf of the Association the water polo coaches who train our water polo team
  • Prepare the water polo equipment in the spring for the water polo season.  Equipment includes nets, balls, scorers table, etc. 
  • Communicate water polo events to the water polo members through email communications
  • Coordinate with the conference for water polo events and schedules
  • Various other duties as needed to assist in keeping the water polo program running effectively

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