Huntington Estates

  Bath and Tennis Club
     Naperville, IL 60540

 HEBT Tennis
Women's Teams

HEBT will compete in the Naperville Ladies Summer Tennis League in 2022.

Each match consists of three courts of doubles. Matches are timed at 2 hours. Best of three sets. Matches are played between 8 - 10 AM and 10 AM - Noon depending on the division and number of teams in the league.

There will be four divisions within the league for 2022. Huntington Estates will compete in three. Players in the summer league typically play for these levels during NITTL season. 

  • A team players = Division 1 - Division 2 (American & Central)
  • B1 team players = Division 2 (Liberty & National) - Division 3 (American & Central)
  • B2 team players = Division 3 (Liberty & National) - Division 4 (American)

The HEBT ladies teams drill twice a week. Once in the morning (7:30 - 9 AM) and once in the afternoon/evening (either 4:30 - 6 PM or 6 - 7:30 PM.) Schedule HERE. HEBT home matches are played at Nike Park.

Any club member interested in learning more about HEBT's women’s tennis teams or signing up should email Jane Wernette ( or Jen Jesso ( We are happy to answer any questions!

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