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Women's Teams

It was another fantastic year for the Huntington Estates’ Ladies tennis teams coached by Jon Holic and Sue Spaits.

In 2018, the club had a team in each of the league’s four divisions: 

  • A    (Division 1 NITTL or 4.0+ NTC rating)
  • B1  (Division 2 NITTL or 3.7 - 3.9 NTC rating)
  • B2  (Division 3 NITTL or 3.5 - 3.7 NTC rating)
  • C    (Division 4 NITTL or 3.0 - 3.5 NTC rating)

The goal of the HEBT teams program is to provide fun, competitive tennis for all team members so players are assigned to a team based their relative skill level and match experience.  

Any HEBT member interested in playing on the ladies travel teams in 2019 should email Colette Chapman at or Jane Wernette at 

For reference, the Naperville Women’s Tennis League plays at local neighborhood clubs on Friday mornings during June and July. All matches are timed at two hours from either 8 – 10 AM or 10 AM – 12 PM depending on the division. Matches consist of four courts of doubles; ranked by level from Court 1 – Court 4.  Click here for Rules governing the league. HEBT Team rosters usually include 12-14 players and each Team drills for 90 minutes twice/week throughout the season. Each team has one morning and one afternoon/evening drill.

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