Huntington Estates

  Bath and Tennis Club
     Naperville, IL 60540

Huntington Estates is a family-focused community within Naperville, Illinois, 30 miles west of downtown Chicago. With more than 320 single-family homes, Huntington Estates offers residents a pool and invites about 275 additional families to become members of the pool. The Water Polo, Swim Teams, and swim lessons are popular activities open to our members each summer. Huntington Estates also offers members a top-rated summer Tennis Program including lessons, team play and round robins. 

2018 Summer Pool Employment

It's never too early to plan ahead, especially if you are seeking summer employment at the HEBT pool as a lifeguard, checker or junior swim team coach. 

We had a great summer over 2017 and a lot of our success is driven by our great staff! We look forward to having another great team in 2018. Please make sure your application is submitted to no later than December 31.

If you are interested in any of these positions for the summer of 2018 please visit this link to access the printable job application;

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Heather at the email listed above.

Memberships to non-residents will be available March 1, 2018. Thank you for your interest!
Visit our Membership Page for details.
Membership Coordinator, Susan Schroeck:

There will be a $25 fee assessed for any checks returned by the bank for insufficient funds.

Upcoming events

Past events

28 Nov 2017 HEBT Board meeting
25 Oct 2017 HEBT Board meeting
26 Sep 2017 HEBT Board meeting
09 Sep 2017 Huntington Estates Fishing Derby
04 Sep 2017 OPEN 12pm-6pm
03 Sep 2017 OPEN 11am-9pm
29 Aug 2017 HEBT Board meeting CANCELLED (next meeting Sept 26)
26 Aug 2017 Huntington Estates Golf Outing
20 Aug 2017 OPEN 11am-7pm
19 Aug 2017 Join us for Fiesta Night!
19 Aug 2017 OPEN 11am-9pm
18 Aug 2017 OPEN 4pm-9pm (EVENING ONLY)
29 Jul 2017 Movie Night
29 Jul 2017 Float Night
28 Jul 2017 Family Bingo
25 Jul 2017 HEBT Board meeting
23 Jul 2017 Adult Social Sunday
22 Jul 2017 Float Night
21 Jul 2017 Family Bingo
20 Jul 2017 Swim lessons cancelled
15 Jul 2017 Float Night
15 Jul 2017 Pool opens at 1pm for Swim Team meet
14 Jul 2017 Family Bingo
12 Jul 2017 10am and on swim lessons cancelled
12 Jul 2017 9:30 swim lessons are ON
12 Jul 2017 8am and 8:30am swim lessons canceled
10 Jul 2017 Swim lessons are ON
10 Jul 2017 8am Swim Lessons CANCELLED
09 Jul 2017 Adult Social Sunday
08 Jul 2017 Float Night
07 Jul 2017 Family Bingo
05 Jul 2017 Pool closes at 5:30 pm for Water Polo game
29 Jun 2017 Pool closes at 3:45pm for Swim Team meet
27 Jun 2017 HEBT Board meeting
27 Jun 2017 Pool closes at 3:45pm for Swim Team meet
26 Jun 2017 Pool closes at 5:30pm for Water Polo game
23 Jun 2017 Pool Closes 5:30pm (Shallow end stays open)
20 Jun 2017 Pool Closes at 3:45 pm for Swim Team meet
19 Jun 2017 Pool closes at 5:30pm for Water Polo game
17 Jun 2017 Tennis/Pickleball Open House
14 Jun 2017 Pool Closes at 3:45pm for Water Polo game
06 Jun 2017 Pool Closes at 3:45pm for Swim Team Time Trials
27 May 2017 Pool opening is postponed
23 May 2017 HEBT Board meeting
05 May 2017 Junior Team Tennis Orientation
25 Apr 2017 HEBT Board meeting
22 Apr 2017 Volunteer Sign Up
19 Apr 2017 Swim Suit Fitting
28 Mar 2017 HEBT Board Meeting
13 Mar 2017 Swim Team Registration Opens
28 Feb 2017 HEBT Board meeting
31 Jan 2017 Board Meeting
26 Oct 2016 HEBT Annual Meeting
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