Huntington Estates

  Bath and Tennis Club
     Naperville, IL 60540


Huntington Estates Pool Rules for Restore Illinois, Phase 4

Lap Swimming

1.            Members will be required to reserve time via the designated reservation system Members will be able to sign up for one (1) hour sessions and, at least initially, an individual Member may not sign up for more than three (3) swim sessions in a  week.  The Board may adjust this number based on overall usage. 

2.            Due to the requirements of the Illinois Department of Health’s guidelines, only 10 members will be permitted in the pool at a time.

3.            Members to execute the required waiver linked here to be handed into the pool attendant when checking in for the Member’s first use of the pool.

4.            Upon check in, the Members will be provided a screening form linked here. asking the Member to confirm whether s/he (or any member of  his/her household) has experienced any symptoms of COVID-19.    IF YOU (OR ANY MEMBER OF YOU HOUSEHOLD) HAS EXPERIENCED ANY OF THE COVID-19 SYMPTOMS, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE POOL.

5.            Please exercise social distancing (and maintain at least 6 feet) while waiting to be checked in.

6.            Face Coverings will be required when checking in and while the swimmer is not in the pool and where social distancing cannot be maintained (ie, within 6ft of another member).

7.            HEBT deck furniture will be removed, as relaxing or sunbathing on the deck during lap swim will not permitted be permitted during Phase 4.  This will enable us to maximize the number of members able to use the pool.  The exception to this will be one non-swimming parent may accompany a minor child, but the parent will be required to wear a face covering and social distance while waiting on the deck.   After checking in, please proceed to a lane, start swimming and when finished (or at the end of your hour), please promptly exit the deck and the pool.

8.            While toilets and showers will be made available, Members are encouraged to shower after returning home.

9.            Due to the requirements of the Illinois Department of Health’s guidelines, Members will be limited to 50 people at one time.  Social distancing is still required. 

10.          Concessions will be closed for the 2020 season.

11.          High touch points will be sanitized every hour by the lifeguards.  The pool will make  wipes/sanitizer available for Member’s use.

12.          Lifeguards will not be wearing masks; other pool staff while on the deck, in the guard house or checking in members will be wearing masks when they are unable to practice social distancing.

We know our HEBT Members will take the State guidelines and these rules seriously, as a failure to comply could cause the pool to lose its permit and close for the season.   However, upon a first violation, the Member will be asked to leave the pool.   Upon a second violation, the Member’s membership will be revoked for the season without refund.

The HEBT Board reserves the right to change the rules as may be necessary to comply with future modifications to the State guidelines or at the instruction of the DuPage County Health Department.

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