Huntington Estates

  Bath and Tennis Club
     Naperville, IL 60540

  Pool Pass Information

NEW members: may log into the website to print off ID cards  Please bring them to the pool every time for verification if needed.

PREVIOUS members: Please use the ID cards you used last year. They are still good and the pass # on the back of the card is used to identify you in the club database allowing entry into the pool. If you have a problem with cards, please contact the HEBT Board at

Guest passes may be purchased at the check-in desk for $5. You may have up to 12 guests per month if you have a family membership, 6 guests per month with a couple’s membership, and 4 guests per month with an individual membership. 

Babysitters: We offer a Babysitter membership for an additional cost. If you paid to allow a babysitter to accompany your children to the pool, please remind your babysitter they may only enter the pool when they are accompanying the member’s children.

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