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HEBT Tennis

The Huntington Estates Tennis Courts are open for the season! Please know these tennis courts are for members and for those taking tennis lessons. We welcome members from outside the Huntington Estates subdivision! Please learn more on our Membership Page.

Huntington Estates Bath and Tennis Club (HEBT) members are (1) homeowners in Huntington Estates who paid their annual membership dues or (2) non-residents who paid HEBT membership fees.

Learn more about Tennis Lessons from our lesson coordinator and pro Sue Spaits at  

If you’re interested in playing on the HEBT Ladies travel teams this summer, please contact Jane Wernette at For information on the Junior Teams, please contact Colette Chapman at

Please visit the other tennis website pages for details.

Huntington Estates General Court Rules

  • Huntington Estates Tennis Courts are available for the exclusive use of HEBT members and their guests. Identification may be requested. 
  • Tennis courts may be used for Tennis or Pickleball only. No chairs, bikes, roller blades, skateboards, animals, or other non-tennis objects are allowed on the tennis courts at any time.
  • Proper tennis attire is required. Please refrain from wearing dark soled shoes on the court as they can leave permanent marks on the courts surface.
  • Proper tennis etiquette should be exhibited at all times.
  • Food is restricted to the patio area adjacent to the courts and should not be taken onto the courts at any time.
  • HEBT lessons and special events always have court priority.
    • Junior players (17 years and under) must give adults court preference during prime court time (on weekends, holidays, and weekdays after 5:00pm)
    • When people are waiting, there is a limit of 1 hour for singles and 1½ hours for doubles.
  • To reserve open play time, please call the HEBT pool - they keep the tennis court calendar. During April and May before the pool opens, there is no open play calendar. Please be courteous to other members and give a 1 hour waiting time for singles; 1 1/2 hour waiting time for doubles.

Check the HEBT Tennis Twitter feed for information on Tennis:

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