Huntington Estates

  Bath and Tennis Club
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Planning to sell your Huntington Estates home? 
If you are planning to sell your house, you must instruct your realtor that a letter from First Service Residential. Requests for this letter must be made through  You may also call the main line at First Residential at 847-459-0000 to make the request. 

HEBT Board of Governors

To contact any of the Board or Committee Members, please email 

HEBT Board of Governors - 2022-2023

President - Tom Spoden

Vice President - Steve Weigensberg

Treasurer - Andrea Lamberg

Secretary - Kelly Charlesworth

Member at Large - Jeff Buescher

Member at Large - Mike Hutchinson

HEBT Committee Heads and Coordinators

Pool Committee - Jeff Buescher

Tennis Committee - Jane Wernette

Landscape Committee - Managed by First Service Residential

Social Committee - Vacant

Legal and Insurance Committee - Managed by First Service Residential

Communications Committee - Tom Spoden

Swim Team Committee - Sara Read and Mairead Maclellan

Membership Committee - Kelly Charlesworth

Water Polo Committee - Rick Tucker

Welcome Committee - Vacant

Homeowner Dues Enforcement policy
For HEBT residents, annual dues must be paid on time. The policies for dues enforcement can be found on this procedure. This policy is subject to change at the discretion of the HEBT Board.  

Club Complaint Policy and Procedures
If you would like to file a complaint, please follow this procedure

HEBT By-Laws 
By-Laws of the Bath and Tennis Club of Huntington Estates Inc. 

HEBT Rules & Regulations
HEBT Rules & Regulations

HEBT Declarations and Covenants
HEBT Declarations and Covenants

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