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  Bath and Tennis Club
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Planning to sell your Huntington Estates home? 
If you are planning to sell your house, you must instruct your realtor that a letter from First Service Residential. Requests for this letter must be made through  You may also call the main line at First Residential at 847-459-0000 to make the request. 

HEBT Board of Governors

To contact any of the Board or Committee Members, please email 

HEBT Board of Governors - 2023-2024

President - Tom Spoden

Vice President - Steve Weigensberg

Treasurer - Mike Hutchinson

Secretary - Kelly Charlesworth

Member at Large - Jeff Buescher

HEBT Committee Heads and Coordinators

Pool Committee - Jeff Buescher

Tennis Committee - Jane Wernette

Landscape Committee - Managed by First Service Residential

Social Committee - Vacant

Legal and Insurance Committee - Managed by First Service Residential

Communications Committee - Tom Spoden

Swim Team Committee - Sara Read and Mairead Maclellan

Membership Committee - Kelly Charlesworth

Water Polo Committee - Rick Tucker

Welcome Committee - Vacant


Club Complaint Policy and Procedures
If you would like to file a complaint, please follow this procedure

HEBT By-Laws 
By-Laws of the Bath and Tennis Club of Huntington Estates Inc. 

HEBT Rules & Regulations
HEBT Rules & Regulations

HEBT Declarations and Covenants
HEBT Declarations and Covenants

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