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  1. Will Wheaton be using the pool daily for the remainder of the summer (including weekends)? (if there are days that they are not, will it be available to members?) Yes they will be using the pool the remainder of the season.  
  2. Will members be allowed to bring guest?  Most likely no.  Since the timeslots were so limited, we wanted to make sure that they could be utilized by members first before guests.  We may change this in the future but for now, no guests. 
  3. Does a child still need to be a member to be on swim team? Yes.  This has always been part of the cost of swim team.  The additional swim team costs pays for the swim team coaches and activities they do.  The membership cost pays for the maintenance of the pool. 
  4. Can we schedule more than 3 x’s a week?  We set the 3 times per week limit to make sure there were enough slots for everyone.  If there is an open slot, you're welcome to sign up for it day of. 
  5. Will the dividers be installed for lap swim?  Yes
  6. Once we move to phase 4 will there be additional access to the pool? If so, hours, protocol? If you intend to use reservations can you sign up as often as you want?  Yes this will change with Phase 4. The total hours of the pool being open won't change (will still be 6 am to 9 pm) however the breakdown of what groups are using it and when will change. We would also most likely continue to use the online reservation system through the rest of the year.
  7. Will the pool hours be available all day once school resumes? This depends entirely on lifeguards.  As the guards are all students, finding enough of them has always been an issue to keep the pool open.   Again though that is affected by lifeguard availabilty and Illinois Phase 4 guidelines. 
  8. Have you thought of offering individual pool memberships? Or punch cards? Unfortunately this is the challenge this year.  As a non-bonded pool, HEBT has limited financial flexibility and we are very dependent on outside members joining every year and our outside membership is down 80% this year.  With those losses in members, we are forced to look elsewhere for revenue to help assist with the costs of operating the pool, which are fairly set.  Wheaton Swim Club is making up for some (but not all) of the outside membership losses but in order to get them here, we had to give them set pool hours for lap swimming.  The downside is the lack of available time for general members. So unfortunately, we don't feel like we can offer lower membership costs as that just further challenges the finances.  This year it was a choice of offering some open time for general members with the time limitations or closing the pool entirely for the season.  Many of the members that stayed on said they wanted something for their kids and themselves to get back to a sense of normalcy so while it actually is going to lose us money, we decided to open the pool this year.  
  9. Do I really have to accompany my kids to the pool if they are under 18? Previously it was 12 and under. As the Illinois guidelines are so specific on mask and social distancing requirements, we felt it was necessary to have parents accompany their kids to the pool to help in enforcement of the rules.  This is especially true right at the beginning when the rules are so new for everyone. If compliance to the rules is 100% throughout the first weeks, we may revisit this but for now, yes adults must accompany their kids under 18.
  10. Can I sit on the deck during Phase 4? Yes.  You just have to wear a mask. 
  11. Can I bring my own chair to sit in? Yes.  You still have to wear a mask though even if in the chair.  
  12. Is there still an adult swim in Phase 4? No not right now.  For the July 4th weekend, there will be lap lanes set up to honor previous registrations but no adult swim.  

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