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  Bath and Tennis Club
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  Signing up for a Pool Timeslot

For Pool Hours and Schedules, please visit the Pool Hours page. 

For Pool Rules, please visit the Pool Rules page. 

Only members are able to sign up for pool timeslots.  To join HEBT, please visit the Membership page. 

Prior to entering the pool on a daily basis, a screening form needs to be turned in upon entry.  Please print off a copy for each family member and bring with for every timeslot.

To sign up for a timeslot, please go to!/schedules/?services=1

Choose a timeslot that you'd like to reserve.  This schedule is subject to change throughout the summer. 

Once you have chosen a timeslot, reserve the date you would like.  At the bottom of the page, select if you would like to reserve it only for yourself, or for others in your family. If only for yourself, click next.  If you need to add others from your family, select that option, click next, and add as instructed. If you are unsure if a member will attend, reserve the time and you can cancel a reservation later. 

Repeat reservations as needed until you have reserved all your timeslots.  

A few rules to note:

1) You can only reserve for your family.  You cannot reserve for other families.

2) You must be a member of Huntington Estates Pool to register.  Your membership will be checked upon entry to the pool.

3) Minors (under 18) must be accompanied by an adult when entering the pool.  Therefore reservations must be made for the adult and the minor when reserving time at the pool even if the adult is not swimming at all.

4) Please keep your reservations to 3 timeslots per week (Mon-Sun is considered a week) to allow others to use the pool. 

5) You can cancel a reservation at any time.  Please keep your reservations accurate so others can use the pool if you are not.

It is suggested to pick times spaced throughout the week.  If inclement weather forces a pool closure, your timeslot cannot be given back to you.  Reserving throughout the week gives the highest probability of being able to enjoy the pool.

Reservations will be actively monitored to ensure compliance with the above rules.

Questions on the reservations can be directed to

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